Pods-express (Pod-sex-press?) is a simple tool. If you find yourself needing to move across the galaxy in a rush, this will parse the list of jump clones you have, and tell you which is the closest to the destination. Instructions:


Inside Eve go to your character sheet-> Jump clones


Click somewhere in the list of clones just once, and then press CTRL-C.


Return to this site, and click on the origin box in the form above and press CTRL-V. This should paste in the entire list. Dont worry about editing anything. The list should look something like (including the first line with the word 'Now', leave it there!):


Clone located in F4R2-Q IX - Narrow Hallways

Clone located in KDF-GY V - Nemesis Colony

Clone located in RNF-YH XI - Couldnt BEAR to be Away


Finally, enter the name of your desired destination system, hit submit, and wait a moment..